Turned parts for the automotive sector

As a turning company based in Haute-Savoie, a region known for its precision turning skills and a global benchmark for the machining of mechanical components, our company works as a subcontractor and manufacturer of precision mechanical parts for a variety of business sectors, and more specifically the turning of metal components for the automotive sector.

Supplier for the automotive industry: turned stainless steel parts, turned aluminium parts, turned steel parts

As a subcontractor and manufacturer of turned parts for car manufacturers and car equipment manufacturers, our turning company regularly makes aluminium parts or stainless steel parts for applications in the automotive sector.

Our turning workshop can respond to the specific needs of car manufacturers or subcontractors in the automotive sector.

Our qualified, certified team allows us to respond to the international challenges of manufacturing mechanical components for the automotive industry, in a context of optimum service and competitiveness.

As a manufacturer of mechanical parts for the automotive industry, we regularly manufacture turned parts for:

  • Turned steel parts for braking systems,
  • Turned brass parts for a control leverbattery connector, or water pump turbine,
  • Machining of aluminium parts for gearbox forks,
  • Turning of brass parts for internal gearbox controls

turning company manufacturing medium or large production runs for the automotive sector, with experience of quality and delivery requirements.

To ensure absolute quality for the turning of mechanical parts, our production chain is equipped with preset benches that allow our operators to prepare the machines in hidden time for the machining of a new series of parts.

Whether this applies to the turning of parts in medium or large production runs, we are involved in the manufacture of precision mechanical parts for a variety of applications in the automotive sector, with a constant view to competitiveness.

machine fleet equipped for the manufacture of car parts

Our turning workshop is equipped with a machine fleet with the latest technologies in terms of precision machining, which allows us to satisfy the quality and delivery requirements for the manufacture of metal turned parts for the automotive industry.

Our part turning machine fleet lets us satisfy the varied requirements of the automotive sector:

  • CN turning for the manufacture of complex parts with diameters ranging from Ø3 mm to Ø32 mm,
  • Multi-spindle turning machines for the manufacture of turned parts in large production runs, for diameters from Ø4 mm to Ø16 mm,
  • Traditional turning for the manufacture of simple mechanical parts in medium and large production runsTraditional turning allows us to satisfy value-for-money requirements, as for the manufacture of steel pins or overmoulding inserts.
  • Rolling for precision threads, and the creation of special profiles,


Specialist in the turning of standard or complex metal car parts in all materials: stainless steelaluminiumbrass or titanium

BILLARDY has the essential certifications to be a regular supplier to car manufacturers or car equipment manufacturersIATF 16949 & ISO 9001

According to the type of part machined (gear knob, door screw, slidepiston…) and the machining material used(stainless, brassaluminium or titanium…) our design office is able to become involved early in the project to suggest the most appropriate turned metal part solution for your quality/cost constraints.

As a manufacturer of stainless steel, aluminium, or brass parts for the automotive industry, we regularly manufacture components such as:

  • Stainless steel turning for safety components: airbagseat belt
  • Turning of aluminium parts for gearbox components,
  • Machining of steel parts for bearing ring,
  • Brass turning of rings, spacers, and bodies,
  • Brass machining of inserts and shafts,
  • Turning of stainless steel parts for the manufacture of needles and automotive fasteners,
  • etc.

Whether it’s for the turning of stainless steel partsmachining of steel parts, or any component based on a brass parts, our team will be able to identify the appropriate material to respond to the quality and cost constraints.

In the context of searching for a manufacturer of turned automotive parts, we invite you to contact us so that we can think about your project together and find the best technical solution to satisfy your constraints.


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