Cold forming

Turning company based in Department 74, in Haute-Savoie, we are equipped with a machine fleet for cold forming and the production in medium or large production runs of sets of metal fasteners for the sport sector and the automotive industry.

Manufacturer of multi-material fasteners for reliable assembly solutions for the automotive industry and the sports industry


Supplier of metal parts manufactured by cold forming, and more specifically industrial screws, this economical process suitable for medium and large production runs lets us offer high-performance fastener solutions that are good value for money.

Our cold forming workshop allows us to respond to the specific needs of car manufacturers or car equipment manufacturers who are looking for fastening solutions or assembly solutions that are robust and competitive.

Materials used, starting from a wire of diameter 1.6 to 12 mm:

  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel

A recognised supplier of industrial bolts or industrial fasteners

For more than six decades, our cold forming workshop has been capitalising on its experience for the production of fastening components made of stainless steel, steel or aluminium.

Whatever the specific details of the application, we can identify the appropriate material for the cold form manufacture of industrial screws.

As a specialist in assembly solutions in industry, we are able to manufacture rivets, perforated rivets, standard fasteners or special fasteners.

A cold form manufacturer of standard or special fasteners

Our cold forming workshop has the ability to supply all kinds of parts, screws, bolts in medium or large production runs and of different shapes.

We manufacture high-performance, innovative assembly systems for several business sectors, such as:

  • Cold forming of screws for the automotive sector,
  • Cold forming of long steel rivets for the automotive sector,
  • Manufacture of overmoulding inserts for the plastics industry,
  • Manufacture of threaded inserts and other fasteners for industrial metalwork, and more specifically in the railway sector,
  • Large cold forming production runs of eye bolts for the household appliance sector, and capital equipment
  • Manufacture of steel M3 screws for the electrical sector,
  • Cold forming of parts for the sports and leisure sector: 4-mm diameter steel-tipped screw, aluminium heel rivets, steel end stop adjustment screws of 7 mm diameter

All of our production machines allow the manufacture of male or female parts thanks to multi-die machines, cold forging, and thread rolling.

A supplier of metal parts specialising in industrial screws made to spec

We develop and manufacture wide ranges of fasteners for the industry.

Our design office regularly addresses problems concerning industrial fasteners in the telecommunications, electronics, domestic appliance, and railway sectors…

cold forming industrial screw

Example of industrial screws produced:

  • Cold forming for the manufacture of an aluminium clinch nut,
  • Manufacture of standards stainless steel rivets,
  • Machining of a steel straight brake nut with fin,
  • Cold forming of aluminium pins,
  • Manufacture of stainless steel hex screws,
  • Manufacture of stainless steel overmoulding inserts,
  • Production of sheet metal screws, self-tapping screws, or chipboard screws,
  • Manufacture of cylindrical pins, conical pins, ring shank nails

In the context of searching for a manufacturer of industrial screws, we invite you to contact us so that we can think about your project together and find the best assembly solution to satisfy your fastening applications.


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