Production facilities: CNC lathes, Escomatic turning

Turning is a technology that allows the creation of precision parts whose main advantages are:

  • the production of specific parts
  • high productivity
  • material recommendations
  • cost control

The company is equipped with a diversified and high-performance machine fleet:

  • Escomatic
  • NC fixed headstock and sliding headstock
  • Cam-operated lathes
  • Machining centre
  • Infeed and throughfeed grinder
  • Thread roller


This fleet of machines gives us the capability to machine the following materials:

  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Titanium

Medium and large production runs.

Wire, bar, or slug of diameter 0.50 mm to 60 mm.

Turning of parts on CNC lathes

The technology of numerically controlled lathes makes it possible to perform very precise work.

The technical skills and experience of the operators offer a vast range of possibilities for the creation of complex parts, whilst controlling costs.

Capacity: from 4 to 70 mm

Turning on Escomatic lathes

Unlike conventional lathes, Escomatic lathes are based on a unique concept. Material in the form of a bobbin or bar does not turn. The cutting tools mounted on the rotating tool head turn around the material.



Turning on Escomatic lathes allows:

  • Cost reduction
  • Very high productivity thanks to shorter cycle times due to the proximity of the material cutting tools and a continuous material flow
  • Reduced labour costs due to fewer machine stoppages
  • Saving materials by reducing the off-cuts from each bar
  • Ergonomic handling and easy ISO programming

Capacity: from 0.5 to 9 mm

Machining centre

The company has machine tools that let you perform all machining operations.

machining center

Machining centre

Billardy performs all types of machining on different materials. Our equipment allows us to respond to our customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently.

  • Vertical machining
  • Horizontal machining

Vertical machining centerVertical machining centre

The tools move around the piece to be machined.

Table movements: 300 mm by 200 mm.

Horizontal machining centre

Complementary with vertical use: the piece is rotating.

Diameter of slugs: 150 mm maximum

Diameter in clamp: 36 mm maximum


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