Escomatic small-diameter turning

Escomatic turning, small-diameter parts

Billardy manufactures small-diameter parts by Escomatic turning. As a specialist in precision turning, Billardy makes small-diameter turned parts for the automotive industry, the sports & leisure sector, connectors, …

Escomatic turning for small parts

Escomatic lathes have a special feature compared to traditional machines. On this type of lathe, the bar to be machined does not turn.
Instead, the cutting tools rotate around the piece.
escomatic turning, manufacturer of automotive brass parts

Thanks to our expertise in precision turning, our workshop can supply small-diameter parts made of brass or steel, for example, for all types of application.

Escomatic turning enhances productivity; the material is continuously available and the tools are close to the bars of material.

Examples of parts made by Escomatic turning

Turning on Escomatic lathes allows the manufacture of parts of diameter 0.5 to 9 mm.

Billardy assure la manufacture of parts by dEscomatic turning, particularly for the automotive sector and connectors:

  • Steel coupling pin
  • Brass contact
  • Steel pin
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Brass contact

Machine park for the manufacture of turned parts

machine park for small bar-turning parts
machine park for the manufacture of turned parts


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